A Christmas Reflection

By McKenna Manacas 0 comments

This year offers an opportunity to re-think and re-imagine many of our long-standing Christmas traditions. On one hand, we share a strong desire to continue the Christmas traditions we know and love. On the other, we can create new approaches to celebrating these holidays rising from our pandemic-caused limitations. Developing ways to meet both needs will help make this year end off on a special note and welcome in the New Year.

May we give thanks that we are blessed in this country, and in this world by having so many sources of light, all of which help our vision, all of which are ways of seeing our beautiful world.   The light shines, as through prism and, as we turn it, and marvel at the different colors, the richness of  our different traditions, each with the wisdom,  the truth that none of us are alone – the truth, that we need each other.

May this Christmas be a time of an opening, a rekindling, a reacquaintance, as well as a time of unclenching of the fist, the extending of the hand, the opening of the heart, of the making space and making a way to bring people from every background together in our Beloved Country where there is a beautiful diversity of light, a common language of love and an affirmation that we are all human beings, in this together. May your Christmas be a beautiful one!